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“Embark on an extraordinary journey with our ‘Puppy Raising Perfection in 90 Minutes: Mastering Year One Essentials, a course meticulously crafted to equip new and prospective dog owners with the expertise to nurture a healthy, happy, and well-mannered puppy from 15 days of age to their first year. Whether you’re a first-time pet parent or a seasoned dog lover, this course promises to be your go-to resource for ensuring a seamless transition as your puppy transforms into a delightful lifelong companion. With 7 dynamic sections (early, mid, and late care), 16 captivating videos, and exclusive access to engaging PDFs like ‘World’s 10 Best Dogs,’ an international certificate of immunization, and interactive chat sessions, this course redefines puppy parenting.

On registration, candidates gain premium access to sought-after books on puppy care upon request, enhancing their learning experience. Enrolled dog owners will have unlimited access to the course.

About Us:

“At GNP Sir Classes, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled education to veterinarians and support to pet enthusiasts worldwide. With a passion for promoting responsible pet ownership and fostering strong bonds between pets and their owners, we have become a trusted authority in the field of canine education. Our team of experienced instructors combines a wealth of knowledge with a love for animals, ensuring that our courses are not only informative but also delivered with a genuine commitment to the well-being of your furry friends.”

Course Contents:

Early Care 1: Unleashing Puppy Potential (Weeks 0-4)

Dive into the world of puppy raising.

Expert care for pups up to 4 weeks old.

Early Care 2: Nourishing Your Growing Pup (Weeks 4-12)

Puppy care from 4 to 12 weeks

Choosing optimal puppy food

Essential vaccinations and deworming schedules.

Mid Care 1: Home Sweet Home: Training and Socialization (Weeks 12-20)

Crate training and effective housebreaking

Socialization techniques for a well-adjusted pup.

Mid Care 2: Obedience Unleashed (Weeks 16-28)

Basic obedience training, including leash etiquette.

Tackling common puppy behaviors.

Late Care 1: Grooming Royalty (Weeks 20-52)

Pampering your pup with bathing and dental care

Nail trimming mastery and flea control know-how.

Late Care 2: Fitness and Fun (Weeks 28-52)

Tailored exercises for a healthy, happy pup

Smooth transition from puppy to adult dog.

Late Care 3: Growing Appetite: Nutrition and Wellness (Months 6-12)

Holistic health care for dogs aged 6 to 12 months.

Navigating the adolescent dog phase.

Potential Course Takers:

New puppy owners seeking a strong start for their furry friend.

Prospective dog owners preparing for a new puppy’s arrival.

Seasoned pet parents refreshing their knowledge and training techniques.

Animal shelter volunteers and staff engaged with puppies.

Dog trainers and professionals eager to expand their expertise in puppy management.

Anyone passionate about the responsible and ethical raising of dogs.

This course is tailored for those who are enthusiastic about cultivating a well-adjusted and joyful relationship with their canine companions. Join us, and together, let’s master the art of raising a truly pawesome companion!”

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